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Parasound CDP-1000

Is anyone familiar with this nineties CD player? On a whim, I bought one cheap off E-Bay the other day to use as a transport with my Parasound DAC-1100. I thought it would be kinda cool to have a matched pair. I seem to remember them being for sale back in the early nineties but can't recall how well received they were.
Regards, Sam

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Re: Parasound CDP-1000

I had one for a number of years and it sounded great. One of the Stereophile reviewers used it as a transport between reviews, sorry can't recall who. However that model was known for reliability issues. Mine, for example didn't like reading the first song on a number of discs. If you put it in and hit play on those discs it would not recognize the disc. If that same disc was inserted and you skipped to the second track the CD played fine from there.

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