Paradigm's 12" Prestige Subwoofer

Paradigm exhibited its new Prestige 1000SW, 12" Subwoofer. Priced at $2999, the subwoofer uses a single 12" brushed-aluminum, high-excursion X-PAL driver in a sealed enclosure which is driven by a class-D, 1000W RMS (1700W peak) amplifier. Paradigm employs a special woofer surround material, an overmolded Active Ridge Technology (ART), which is crafted from injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer. The surround material allows for linear motion in both directions, which is claimed to allow the subwoofer to play 3dB louder at half the distortion.

The manufacturer rates the sub's –3dB point at an unusually low 17Hz in a typical room. Key operating controls that adjust the sub's output level, phase, and low-pass filter frequency are mounted on the front baffle for easy access. The approximately 18" cube enclosure weighs 91 lbs, and is available in white, piano black gloss, a dark burgundy "midnight cherry" gloss, as well as Black Ash and a walnut satin. At the time I visited the Paradigm exhibit, the Prestige 1000SW sub was not playing.