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Jim Tavegia
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Out of US teachers

It appears that with over 300,000 U.S. teachers out of work that we have a new, novel approach to education.

Two school districts near to me have now imported math teachers from out of the US to fill positions in math departments in Dekalb County(65) here in GA and in another county in south Alabama. It is being reported that many speak such broken English that many expect problems in the class room in the first quarter of the school year.

It seems like such an odd move with GA on a serious push to pressure teachers concerning better performance on end of year mastery testing (CRCT here in GA for middle school) that many schools are mired in a cheating scandal with 80 school systems being investigate with some non questioning the validity of the sources of the investigating committees.

This hiring of out of country teachers is going to get real ugly real soon. Who would have thought out-sourcing would have reached this level.

Being semi-retired and being in the math classroom for the last three years, teachers are not the problem; uncaring, inattentive students is the problem. The ones not passing have family issues, attitude issues, and a lack of respect for the educational system as a whole. Teachers today need more psychology and psychiatric training then ever before.

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Re: Out of US teachers

It's all the parent's fault if you ask me. These times aren't well for an easy task of bringing up youngsters, but parents do too little to teach their children respect and values.

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Re: Out of US teachers

In-sourcing should be the next great topic of our social debate.

Lowest price doesn't necessarily correlate with any outcome at all....including saving money.

In the long run, the dumbing down of America will only cost us.

Really a bummer.

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