Out Now—the August 2015 Stereophile

Ayre's 20th-Anniversary edition of its MX-R monoblock stands proud on this 132-page issue's cover. Inside, John Atkinson finds it to be one of the best-sounding amplifiers he's auditioned, while Fred Kaplan enthuses over the sound of Simaudio's Moon Evolution 860A amplifier and Jon Iverson finds much to enjoy with Rega's affordable DAC-R. Loudspeakers from Wilson Benesch, Falcon, and Magnepan are reviewed, with the littlest, cheapest Maggie earning the highest praise from Herb Reichert.

"What's an audiophile?" asks Jason Victor Serinus in this month’s "As We See It" essay; Art Dudley interviews The Soundsmith, Peter Ledermann; Robert Baird interviews Naxos's Klaus Heymann; and our "Recording of the Month" for August is an extraordinary live album from Sly and the Family Stone in 1968. And there’s more—a lot more!

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Hope JI can keep us apprised of his recording project and where discs for purchase will be.