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Orion system, act II stage I

By Marc Philip, Editor Published June 2006

Not so long ago we had the pleasure of auditionning Mr. JR Orion system from LinkwitzLab, a 3 way active system with each of it's 8 speakers individualy driven by its own amplifier channel in an open baffle configuration in his listening environment.

The least that can be said about this experience is that the system represents in many ways the ''Holy Graal'' in sound reproduction for many audiophiles.

Upon request from a mutual friend Mr. MD to Mr. JR, an oportunity to listen to the Orion in his spacious quasi ideal listenning environment was made possible for our enjoyment .

The set up :

LP douze, Itock, Koetsu black ou Mission The Rose

CD player Music Hall cd 25.2 like drive coupling with Bel Canto DAC-2 + Stereovox HDXV, AC power Wireworld Stratus on Bel-Canto.

Pre-ampli ligne Melos (Upgrade Melos Restoration) filter Bybee, AC Wireworld Stratus, RCA line Kimber Silver strike.

2 power amplifier 4 ways ADCOM 2535 L, 8 ways amplifier, 1 by each speaker, 2 tweeters, 2 mids and 4 woofers.

Power regenerator PS Audio P 300

Rack audio mod

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