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Original MSRP pricing help

I am new to the forum here and have recently taken ownership of some old gear (it was gifted to me from a friend who recently passed away).
I am curious as to the original prices of these components. I realize they are far cheaper today in the used market, but was curious to know what they sold for back in the day if anyone has such info. Any help is very welcome.
The components are:

Nikko Alpha 230 amp
Nikko Alpha 130 amp
SAE Mark IV CM amp
Carver TFM45 amp
Carver C-1 preamp
Cerwin Vega AT15 speakers
Magnepan MMGi Flat Panel Ribbon Speakers
Energy 22.3 speakers
Audia Flight FL CD Three - CD player
Teac V970X tape deck
Sony CDP-CE375 - 5cd changer

Thanks so much!

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