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ORB audio to replace Polk LSiFX / what do you think?

I have been extremely happy w/ the LSiFX's as my surrounds. But now due to some room renovations they are just too big. My walls are only 6' 8" high so mounting them is out of the question. Presently I have them on 30" stands which I really can't use either. I need something small for wall mounting. The surrounds are only used for TV & movie playback. I don't listen to multi-channel music at all so maybe even the Polk's are overkill. I have a SVS 25-31PLUS sub for the bottom end. They have a 30 day home trial so I just might give them a try to hear how they compare to the Polk's. Any other small speaker choices I should consider? If I do like the ORB's or another brand, the LSiFX's will be up for sale. What would be a fair selling price? They are approx. 1 yr old & in mint condition. Thanks

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