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Heywood R Floyd
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Oracle replacement parts--quality issues??

I bought a used but nearly-mint Oracle Delphi MK. III/SME V in the early 90s from a highly-respected dealer in my area. It performed flawlesssly until late 2016 (over two decades!) when the suspension in one of the towers collapsed. It was time for a new cartridge anyway, so I took it in for service. (I HATE transporting this thing in my car--have to drive like a little old lady!) Suspension kit was installed, along with the new cartridge and belt.

2.5 years later the belt broke. The original one lasted over 20 years. Now, a couple of months ago--which would put me at 3.5 years after service--the suspension in one of the towers collapsed. It was just sitting here, not in use, and had not been transported in my car for over a year. Original tower suspension lasted over 20 years.

Am I just unlucky, or are the replacement parts not of the same quality as the originals? I believe my dealer is more than competent and is well-known in this area.

I do like the fact that Oracle still provides parts for all of its older models, but this has me feeling very disappointed.


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