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Optimal sizing of in-wall backboxes

Hoping someone can help with an in-wall speaker installation question. I'm trying to figure out how to appropriately size custom-made backboxes for in-wall speakers, when the mfr doesn't offer backboxes for this particular model, nor sizing (that I can find). I'm going to try and call them directly during the week, but don't know what help I'll get. My local stores offer some generic boxes, but I'm sure there's some science/math to this and I'd like to get as close to optimal as possible. Any help very appreciated! I have 6" deep studs on the walls and ceilings where I'll be installing these and it's new construction, so I have nearly unlimited flexibility in sizing the boxes.


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Re: Optimal sizing of in-wall backboxes

Maybe take it first from a DIY speaker builders book- they generally have formulas for enclosure sizing etc, which would get you in the right direction. Also- Googling "DIY In-wall speaker building" returns quite a number of results, some of which are bound to be useful as well. Good luck!

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