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Opinions on integrated amp

Rega Mira 3, Rotel RA-1062 or Marantz PM7001
Your unbiased opinions on sound quality, reliability, etc. would be greatly appreciated. To be used with Triangle Stella bookshelves.

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Re: Opinions on integrated amp

Welcome, Pavlov.

That name rings a bell.

I've heard the Rega and own the Marantz PM7200.

I like both, but I obviously liked the Marantz better.

The one thing that made me choose the Marantz is how good it sounds at lower levels. It was sweeter and more engaging at lower volumes. I listen to that integrated in the very near field, using it as my computer music amp, so that aspect was the most important to me.

It's also as quiet as the grave. I mean blaker blacks, that sort of thing.

They both sounded very similar at "regular" volumes settings that would be used while playing pool or having a shindig.

The Rotel is a winner, too, so I'm really picking nits here.

If I had to differentiate, I'd say the Marantz is a little warmer in the midrange, images a little "Back" (which I consider a plus, but it's all about taste, not necessarily better or worse on this.)

The Rega was very "accurate" sounding. Maybe a little "clinical." But, again, that's in the realm of taste. For filling a room, the Rega is terrific, and that "clinicalness" doesn't show up when I've heard it listening in the far field.

So, for sitting right next to the speakers, I'd go Marantz. For regular room playing, I'd go with whichever piece had the best support store.

Also, the Rega has a good phono preamp, while the Marantz does not. In case that matters.

Best wishes with your shopping, you really can't go wrong with any of those choices.

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