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Opinion Needed : Marantz CD6006 or Rega Apollo R


I'm new in the forum and I would like to upgrade my system, for listening Cd's i'm using a DVD Blu ray Pionner.
However I think the quality will be better if I have CD Player. my equipment is the following:
S: Dali Oberon 5
A: Rega ELEX R

CD Options
Marantz CD 6006: For what I read I'm interested in Marantz CD 6006 for the quality and a possibility to use a USB for IPhone to listen Spotify (I can buy around 350 Euros)
Raga Apollo: The reviews I read are good (What Hi Fi not so good) and a lot of people love the quality and the sound. Additionally could match better with Rega ELEX R (I can buy around 635 Euros new or 450 Eur used with four years)

What are your advice, or do you have better suggestions?
If I prefer Rega Appolo for the difference of price make sense to buy the used one?
Thanks in advance

Old Audiophile
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Too Late?

I know this is late to the dance but had lots of time on my hands today and just caught this. My guess is you've probably moved on by now. If not, all I can offer is the fact that I continue to thoroughly enjoy my Marantz CD6005. I purchased it when it was first introduced, after critical listening sessions with it, its NAD competitor and a higher-priced NAD model. I've not heard its successor, the CD6006. However, judging from the specs and what I've read about it, I have every reason to believe the CD6006 and CD6005 will sound about the same, which is very, very good, indeed. Have not heard the Rega Apollo. Have only read a few things about it. So, can't help you there. If you can, obviously, arranging for a direct A/B audition between the 2, on equipment as similar to yours, would help you decide. If you're still checking in, I'd love to know what you decided to go with and why. Stay Healthy! Stay well!

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