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opinion on jolida vs opera audio


I am looking to buy an integrated tube amp. I have looked so far at the Opera Audio M100plus and several from Jolida (although I have yet to hear one as they do not sell these in Finland- but being originally from the US, I can get one easily) such as 202, 302 and 502. My questions are as follows- Any opinions on Jolida vs Opera? Are there other brands I should consider as well that are around the same price range as these? I was planning to buy the Amphion Helium2 speakers, but that could change depending on what I find as an amp. I am not particuarly wealthy, so I want to keep this around 1200usd, but am not opposed to breaking 1800usd (as a used m100plus and the amphions run about 1450e here in finland). I generally listen to more laid back avantgard/experimental music, but I do occasionally turn it up with some black metal from norway. However my musical tastes spread far and wide, as Im sure is the case of many of the readers of this web site. Lastly, I am looking for alternative places to purchase the amp from... Shipping to finland is not cheap especially with that sweet 22percent tax that new, non eu merchandise is hit with at customs. I am mainly looking for used marketplaces, other than ebay and audiogon or if anyone has an experiences ordering from somewheres like China or Hong Kong in the past to the US (or europe). Of course, suggestions for reliable, inexpensive dealers in the US is also welcome. My parents live in Massachusetts, so preferably in the Northeast.

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