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Online speaker deals around $5k - Forte Sounds ?

Some of my audiophile friends have told me that I can get a great deal by ordering speakers factory direct online as opposed to buying through a hi-fi audio shop. With this advice in mind, I have (temporarily, perhaps) suspended my quest for a pair of Dynaudio Contour S5.4's and tried to dig up some good deals on the information highway...

In my search for a pair of speakers around the $5k mark, I stumbled upon a company I have never heard of before - Forte Sounds ( I think they only have one product, the Triathlon Loudspeakers, which they list at $4,750/pair. If anyone knows anything about this company or their speakers, I'd really like to hear about it. Their website has a lot of information about their speakers and they look stunning, but I can't help but feel a bit weary without some audiophile's opinions. I was also checking out the Linbrook Super Towers from Tyler Acoustics on AudiogoN ( - a company I also know nothing about.

If anyone knows of some other good speaker deals (I'm looking for something around $5,000/pair), please let me know! Thanks for the help.


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Re: Online speaker deals around $5k - Forte Sounds ?

I'm currently having a crush on the Lipinski L-707.

Be sure to give one a listen.

Their website is

They image like crazy - nice for the application you seem to imply.

What else in 5K country?

I'm a planar speaker lover, so check out whichever Magnepan speaker might fit your budget.

Also, Soundlab sells demo's via their site. Google them and see what's near your price point.

Gotta mention the DeVore speakers, too - maybe saving the best for last?

I can honestly claim to have heard the entire line and they all sound so good I get "acquisition anxiety" wanting them at my house. They are that good.

Impeccable. I like them enough to tell someone to just go out and buy them.

Let us know how this goes.

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Re: Online speaker deals around $5k - Forte Sounds ?

If you get a chance to listen to the Osprey by Meadowlark you should.

You could get a pair of the outstanding Blue Heron 2s for $6500, that's half price.

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Re: Online speaker deals around $5k - Forte Sounds ?
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Re: Online speaker deals around $5k - Forte Sounds ?

This is not a direct answer to your question, but there are lots of great speaker deals on

I have bought a lot of used gear, but I know that market isn't for everyone.

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