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Onkyo A-9555 upgrade

I have a Cambridge 640a V2 integrated that I'm looking to upgrade. Having read the glowing review of the A-9555 in this month's issue I was wondering if it would be a considerable step up from the 640a or would I essentially be trading four quarters for dollar.

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Re: Onkyo A-9555 upgrade

I purchased the Onkyo A 9555 to compare to the original Cambridge Audio 640A. The Onkyo won out with greater definiton, detail and better soundstage. I found my 640A to be a little thick and indistinct in the midbass. The Onkyo is smoother with less electronic glare/haze. Listening to Emmylou, Linda and Dolly in Trio II the three singers singing in harmony maintain their individual vocal qualities. This was lost through the CA 640A.

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