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Once again: the Beatles

I find it great and amazing that the Beatles are still so popular. Even some (musically well educated) teenagers today love them. A couple of years ago I was standing in line for over three hours outside a local radio station that was shutting down, thus selling all their records. Before me in the line were two teen chicks around 14, who were dedicated fans of the Beatles, hoping for a good catch. One of them told me that it started with her listening to her big bro's records. I found that very nice and also very amusing.

When I was 10, and "I saw her standing there" and "She Loves You" all of the sudden was on the radio every single day, everybody were talking about them. Some kid whipped out a picture of them in the classroom, and we vigorously argued who were who. "That's George!" "No, THAT'S George, this is Paul!"

Others suddenly showed up in a "Beatles suit", and black shoes with relatively high heels (picture), an otherwise unseen phenomenon except for in ladies' footwear of course.

Everybody (with respect for themselves) pestered mom and dad for allowing them to grow the hair a little longer (so that it at least covered the top of the ears). Most of us made a habit of pulling the hair over the ears to show off the enviable hair length.

And lucky the one who could muster the first single! Wow! A treasure! My playmate was a spoiled brat, so he got several singes AND a Beatles suit! Grmph! But at least we could listen to them in his room! Beatlemania was an epidemic that hit all of us like a ton of bricks. Great time to remember

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