Olson's HiFi of Lynnwood: Krell KSA i400 and Illusion, Innuos, MSB Reference, Estelon X Diamond MkII, AudioQuest

As if to dispel concerns spurred by former Krell VP Walter Schofield's surprise departure from the company, Krell's very own Director of Product Development, David (Dave) Goodman (above), journeyed to WA state to present another pre-listen to Krell's not-yet-released KSA i400 stereo amplifier ($35,000). Given that Dave designed this amp, this was quite the opportunity for savvy showgoers.

The components made extremely fine music with the Krell Illusion preamplifier ($19,000), not yet upgraded Innuos Statement music server ($16,700), MSB Reference DAC ($54,500, and second to the Statement DAC), Estelon X Diamond MkII speakers ($83,000/pair), AudioQuest Niagara 5000 power conditioner ($5500), and AQ Dragon, Diamond, and Firebird cabling.

After a listen to a song that haunts veteran showgoers, Chris Jones' "No Sanctuary Here," Dave turned to a 16/44.1 track excellent for low bass extension, "Seeya" by DeadmauS. Bass was both excellent and totally in control. Although I've heard bigger speakers produce more bass from the justly famous Reference Recordings 16/44.1 files of Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, what I did hear was perfectly controlled and a beautiful complement to blasting trumpets.

This was one of my top 5 or 6 rooms at PAF. Sponsored by Ben Olson's Olson's Hi-Fi of Lynnwood, WA, it left me eager to visit the store.