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Olive Musica backup

All -

I recently acquired a used Olive Musica, but am having second thoughts about keeping it.

Here's why: if the internal drive goes up, I'm entirely dependent on Olive to format and send me a new one. I traded emails with tech support, who told me 1.) no, I can't do the specific formatting myself and 2.) I should back-up what I rip.

2, of course, is a no-brainer for anyone, and I'm sure the folks at Olive are good, forthright, thoughtful and perfectly able to do 1.) as promised.

But what if the company goes under? Or they just stop supporting an already dated platform?

I'm here for a suggestion: does it make any sense to use either a Windows based drive copying utility or one of the Linux distros that specialize in drive work to try to make a good copy?


Scott A.

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Re: Olive Musica backup

You can easily copy the music on the Olive directly with any external USB drive.

I don't know about copying the drive itself. I know people have put bigger drives in themselves. The system is Linnux based and, from what I recall of the posts, would be pretty easy. The unit should have come with a restore CD (which I think you can download as well).

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