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Olde Audio Junkie

I like reading about good old Quads coming back after insane efforts by whacko enthusiasts, and new Quads being made even better, and perhaps a bit less costly, in China.

I like listen to audio junk. Old, new, prototype, unknown origin, it is all fun.

And Richard V is an interesting king in the speaker mfg kingdom, he keeps bldg good stuff

July is a good issue. Mine arrived today, 6/16, seems plenty early.

Only Quads I heard were new, then ... but, owner tried a 20 Hz square wave from a signal generator ... they made a blue flash and went silent. Sigh. Toys are fun, 'til you break them. If they ain't broke, fix 'em!

Actually, I think it was a 20 CPS square wave ...

Oh, the history!

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