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Old tube amps and old school audio

Hi all,

does anyone know about some pages where the old retro amplifiers, turntables or CD players (and so on) are provided? I'm interested in photos and specification lists. Or if anyone else is interested in this and has some of these I'd be very grateful if it would be possible to send it to me.
If this is offtopic I'm sorry but this is the only forum I found and don't know where else to ask.

Thank you.

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Re: Old tube amps and old school audio


There is lots of stuff out there, but it's all over the place.

I think your best bet is to hit Yahoo or Google and do an "image" search for some gear and see what web addresses you end up at and see where that path leads you.

I'm sorry not to have specific sites to recommend, but I've had good luck "prospecting" for info and images using the method I described.

If you like, toss a few names and models up here and see what we can lead you to!

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