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There is a really long answer to that question.

Start here:

Five page article at

There are great ways to clean discs, and you can decide just how intense you'd like to be about it!

The December and January issues of Stereophile have a great two part series about this topic, as well.



There's a great device called the D-stat gun that I'll look around for references for. It was a "gun" that zapped static electricity off your LP's and socks.

Great little toy for other uses too...

Potentially harmful advice with a Jackass disclaimer - and don't try it unless you promise not to get mad if anything bad happens - plus, this is going to sound can blow static electricity off an LP. If you hold an LP with both hands and make fast, large, fan movements with it (like you're trying to power fan Cleopatra) you can actually knock almost all the static charge off a disc.

It's dangerous, though. If you slip, the only thing you'll gain is a reputation for flamboyantly destroying your favorite LP's.

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