Octave Amplifiers

Dynaudio North America's Michael Manousselis was proudly demonstrating the Danish parent company's Contour S 3.4 LE speakers with the new Octave V 110 integrated amplifier ($8000), a fixed-bias pentode design that has been optimized specifically for the KT120 tube. Features include wideband output transformers while utilizing soft-start circuitry, extensive monitoring and protection circuitry, as well as an energy-saving EcoMode feature.

Tube biasing is done manually straight from the front panel via four trim pots with corresponding LED indicators. A Power Selector switch on the rear panel offers the possibility to use tubes like the 6550 or KT88 (in Low power position) at 70Wpc in addition to the 110Wpc KT120 (which utilize the High power setting). The Octave V 110 comes as standard with line inputs; a moving-magnet or moving-coil internal phono stage ($600) can also be fitted.