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Novice in Search of Programmable Tuner

I'm looking for a pretty specific type of device; perhaps someone here is familiar with the landscape of equipment, and whether one might be available...

On the surface, I'm looking for a fully programmable FM, or AM/FM tuner.

By programmable, I mean that I'd like to identify a continually repeating schedule (in my case, weekly), perhaps through a computer program. At each designated time, I would be able to identify the new frequency to be tuned in.

What would make this system completely ideal would be if there were speaker inputs and outputs, and if one of the "frequencies" I could select was something special, providing a "bypass" function to the speaker wires.

What's the application? In one room of the assisted living facility my Mom lives in, I'd love to be able to splice such a device into the existing speakers lines, leaving the facility's normal music list in place most of the time. However, when good old-time (e.g. Jonathan Schwartz in NYC) or specialty (e.g. NPR American Routes) radio shows are on, my programming would kick in, terminate the normal audio speaker leads, and instead pump my selected frequency for that time period into the speakers.

Sounds simple, but it is a pretty specialized application.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Best regards,

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