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Nootropics and psychedelics (for improved hearing, audio/music perception)

I can't say I've had much experience with either nootropics or psychedelics. For the latter, many decades ago, some (limited) experimentation w/ cannabis did seem to heighten perception. But that is a very subjective, too-long-ago account.

Nootropics -- smart drugs and cognitive enhancers -- is an interesting area. More here:

For example, in the case of vinpocetine, the supplement manuf. AOR suggests:
"Supports visual health and hearing"

Nootoropics includes many molecules including plain ol' caffeine and nicotine. And you can get them OTC, almost everywhere. And they are relatively cheap.

Anyone have experience with nootropics and / or psychedelics in a controlled situation? Say, same audio system, same music tacks, same time of day, same food (or lack of), same amount of sleep and similar room conditions (temp, humidity, etc). Lots of variables ... but if they work, nootropics and / or psychedelics may be an effective audio tweak.

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