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Noob hookup question

Hi all, new to the forums and new to the audiophile world. I have a Marantz HD-Amp1 that has a USB B input in the back. If I connect an iBasso DX160-->USB C OTG-->USB A to B-->Marantz, can I play MQA files at full resolution or will it try to get the Marantz to decode?

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Hi there - I found this on

Hi there - I found this on the web -

"Featuring 2 USB ports, 1 on the front and 1 on the back, the HD-AMP1 lets you connect your favorite iDevice or USB drive to the front panel USB port, and your PC or Mac to the rear panel USB-B port to stream your high resolution audio tracks"

It sounds to me as if the USB input is going straight into the DAC of the Marantz and so will try to decode whatever goes into it. THe 3.5mm output jack of the iBasso doubles as a lineout I believe, so you could just hook that into one of the line-ins of the amp (which I asusme is what you want to do).

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