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"noise" in speakers - ever use Enacom filters??

I have a horrible RFI problem in my rear surround speakers. So far, my only "tweak" is I've wrapped the speaker cable around ferrite rings about four or five times (near the amp), which hasn't really seemed to help much at all. Has anyone ever used Enacom filters? They seem promising. Are there any other tweaks out there that anyone can recommend? My speakers are JMLab, the speaker cable is Ixos (fairly thin gauge). Should I wrap other cords around the ferrite rings? Power cords? I have a pretty expensive power "conditioner' and surge protector, by the way. Any assistance anyone can provide for this incredibly annoying problem would be much appreciated.

Jan Vigne
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Re: "noise" in speakers - ever use Enacom filters??

It's rather rare for speaker level cables to pick up severe RF interference. Before you do anything else, I would swap the speaker connections to another location (front speaker outs, possibly) and make certain the problem exists in the cabling and not somewhere else in the system. If the noise abates when the speakers are driven from another speaker output, connect other speakers (fronts) to the surround outputs and check for RF pickup with a shorter run of cable.

You haven't said whether this problem just began or has been developing over a period of time or has been there since you connected the system. You might find some relief by simply doing a basic housekeeping/cleanup on your system and using some Pro Gold on the jacks and plugs.

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