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Noise Canceling Earbuds

I am trying to upgrade my standard ipod headphones, and wish to stick with earbuds, however i have read so many reviews i have no idea how to decide. Currently i just purchased the Creative Zen earbuds and they sound tiny. with that said i relize that these are earbuds, however the ones that came with my ipod dont sound tiny... so i am not sure. i have narrowed it down to the bose in ear, the shure E3c-n, and the V-Moda Vibe. Which would you pick or prefer. Keeping in mind, sound quality is my main priority, while not spending an unreasonable amount. And if you dont like any of these please let me know what you think would be better for me.

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Re: Noise Canceling Earbuds

Couple the Shure 3C with the HeadRoom Total Airhead and a decent cable (I recommend the Cardas from iPod to Airhead) and, provided your iPod is loaded with lossless format, you've got about the best sound you'll get for the money. If, on the other hand, your iPod is full of MP3 stuff it doesn't matter what phones you use.

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Re: Noise Canceling Earbuds

Any noise processing should be avoided, the artifacts kill subtle music.
Go for a proper pair of closed cans, the Sennheiser HD25's
give great isolation, resolve proper bass and are very effecient,you will not need an external amp.
They are comfortable for long periods of time. $250 ish.

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