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No way!

Who gets their issue this early?

I am SO jealous.

This forum has hurt my marriage.

My wife actually starts to get frustrated about ten days into my "Did Stereophile come yet?" questions when I get home from work.

Typical night on day one through seven:

Me: "Honey! I'm home!"

Wife: "Hi, dear, how was your day?"

Me: "Did Sterophile come yet?"

Wife: No, sweetie, not yet."


After day seven:

Me: Honey! I'm home! Did Stereophile come yet?"

Wife: "No dear, not yet. How was your day?"


Around day ten:

Me: "Honey, I'm ho....."

Wife: "It didn't come yet. Wipe your feet, and would it kill you to bring in the garbage can?"


Can I pay extra for early delivery? No matter the expense, it would probably still be cheaper than couples counselling.

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Re: No way!

Alright, alright. So, I created the forum a little too early. Shoot me.

Inside scoop: We haven't even received our copies yet. But, soon. Sooooooooon.
You're going to love it.

I can't wait.

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Hey Steve

Following up on a post from a long time ago about why it takes such different times for people to get the magazine:

What is your methodology as far as delivery into the Postal system?

a) You get a bunch of magazines and give them to a service who labels them and delivers them to a PO.

b) you get them labeled and the printer delivers them to the PO.

c) You have a number of printers print them (regional ads) and they deliver them to multiple PO.

The core question is if there is a stop after you and if they go to one PO or multiple POs.

Just curious and trying to figure the time variable on delivery.

Happy Holidays!


Jim Tavegia
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Re: Hey Steve

What gives with the month of January waiting to show up UNTIL JANUARY?

Until further notice I want all the months to be on notice to get ready earlier and be ready to present themselves by the 15th of the previous month. This lolly-gaging must stop.

From now on show up two weeks early or be prepared to suffer the consequences. I have made the following provisions for new months who are eager to take your place:


Binary (obvious)

Sedentary (May be using that one already under a disguise. It will be one of the current "late" months for sure.)

Fudiciary (Thinking about using that one for April and tax time.)

I can add more as needed and more current months do not keep up.

Steve, I suggest you keep this on file for immediate use. It is time to take a stand!

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Re: No way!

My subscription to Stereophile ran out in November. I have not renewed it. Yet, I received the January issue today!! I also received a December issue. Not to add insult to injury, but it is strange a no-longer subscriber receives the January issue before subcribers! Yikes!


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Re: No way!

Sorry to hear you haven't received your copies yet. Got mine today. Haven't opened it yet, but I was charmed to see the old Sheffield Labs label peeking from behind that rather silly looking arm on the featured turntable. A real reminder of some past good days when there was only vinyl. Can't wait to read the turntable article. I'm partial to the Aussies, and I figure if they can find a way to stop lazer light, even for a little while, they might be able to do most anything they set their minds to.

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Re: No way!

Received mine yesterday. Guess my postman is an MP-3 type.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: No way!

I think he is "dial-up".

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