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Nick Drake remasters

Does anyone have experience with the recent remasters of Nick Drake's 3 albums, the ones collected in the Fruit Tree boxed set this year? I think they also may have been originally released 5-7 years ago.

Anyway, I have the original CD version; I'm wondering if the new ones are the good kind of remastering or the bad kind (no dynamic range, etc.). Wondering if the set is worth re-buying...


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Re: Nick Drake remasters

I have all three from CD's released in the last few years. Pink Moon is very well recorded with technique that sounds closely miked and in a small studio. Bryter Lyter and Five Leaves Left are not quite up to that level but hold their own against other recordings of that era. My recollections of the quality of the original vinyl has long since faded, but these disks are essential components of my collection as the music is as timeless as ever.

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