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NHT XD System followup

I am really surprised more time was not allocated to explaining or trying to figure out what was the cause of this quirk... it sounds like a viable issue to me.

"There was also something I noticed with the toneburst track on my Editor's Choice compilation (CD, Stereophile STPH016-2). This track comprises equal-length tonebursts that move from 32Hz up to 3.2kHz in half steps, then back down again. I created this signal to investigate room and speaker-cabinet resonant problems, but when I played it over the Xd system, I was puzzled to hear what sounded like very faint "ghosts" accompanying the sinewave bursts, almost but not entirely like modulation noise. A puzzle, though I did wonder if this phenomenon had something to do with the veiling I had noticed on music."

Let's say he was just testing a new amplifier and was hearing "ghosts" on transients that he had NEVER experienced or heard before... don't you think that would be a red flag raiser?

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