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Home theater use
The SuperZeros should also be considered a prime candidate for Home Theater systems that see double duty as music-playback systems. I tried using five SuperZeros for the Left, Right, Center, and two Surround speakers—along with an SW2P to handle the bass—in my own Home Theater rig, and was extremely impressed with their performance when playing high-quality laserdiscs. And unlike every video-specific Home Theater speaker I've heard—including THX-approved models from Fosgate, JBL, and even the Snell 500 THX system JGH reviewed in Vol.15 No.12, p.202—the SuperZeros didn't offer reduced performance when asked to play non-soundtrack music CDs through my Home Theater rig. Video-optimized speakers may work well when playing soundtracks, but none I've heard has offered even minimally high-end sound quality when playing back non-soundtrack music. The SuperZeros are therefore an excellent choice for those who have room for only one audio/video system, or who wish to listen to a lot of music in their Home Theaters.

Three pairs of the SuperZeros and the SW2P cost $1040—and since you only need five SuperZeros, consider this package as a true audiophile Home Theater speaker system, plus an extra speaker you can throw at the next wiseguy you see wearing a "Back to Mono" button.

Huh-huh, huh-huh
I was totally knocked out by the NHT SuperZeros, either by themselves or in conjunction with NHT's SW2P active subwoofer. While there are several inexpensive speakers on the market that are good at presenting an illusion of near-high-end sound, the SuperZeros are true high-end minimonitors that I would feel completely comfortable using as my reference speakers above 100Hz. They are really that good.

Mated with the SW2P subwoofer and a pair of passive in-line high-pass filters like those I described above, the SuperZeros are capable of delivering the kind of audiophile-quality, full-range sound that bears close comparison with some of the most well-regarded high-end speakers on the market. The SuperZero/SW2 system is one of the best values I know of in a full-range, high-end loudspeaker system.

Highly recommended!—Corey Greenberg

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