NHT SuperPower Desktop Loudspeakers

John Johnsen, NHT’s Owner and Director of Marketing, shows off his new SuperPowers.

On an early Thursday morning on November 10th, 2011, NHT’s John Johnsen presented his new SuperPower powered desktop loudspeaker ($398/pair) to members of the hi-fi and consumer electronics press. The NHT SuperPower is an expansion on their SuperZero 2.0 loudspeakers, reviewed by Stephen Mejias in Entry Level #10.

This active desktop speaker houses a 90-watt Class-D amplifier in the rear of an extended SuperZero 2.0 cabinet. NHT will also offer 10-gauge steel SuperPower DeskStands ($59/pair) to prop your little NHT’s and hopefully eliminate reflections caused by resting the bottom of the speakers flat on a table-top.

The SuperPower DeskStands, available for $59/pair

The SuperPowers exhibited extended highs and a particularly wide soundstage for such little speakers. They join the ranks of other powered loudspeakers as a growing product category in hi-fi. Other speakers include the Audioengine A2s and updated A5+, the Music Hall distributed Aktimate powered loudspeakers, and the Paradigm Shift Active Atom A2. The NHT SuperPowers will be available 2nd or 3rd weekend of December.

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Well, these speakers look and sound like they are going to do fairly well in the market. I hope that we will be able to see them soon. I also hope that they continue to create new things.