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Next Upgrade Advice

I am a lifelong audiophile who has upgraded and downgraded many times and I’m on a journey to upgrade to my last system. Over the next couple of years I plan on getting my shangrila amp and speakers. Where to start is the question. I currently have a Marantz PM7000n integrated amp driving KEF LS50 passives. I can only afford to upgrade one at at time. At least I can only convince my wife to upgrade one at a time. I know what I ultimately want in an amp and speakers but I’m conflicted on which to attack first.

The argument to upgrade the Marantz is that it’s slightly low power and may not be able to wake up better speakers if I upgrade the speakers first. I don’t want to bother with speaker matching the Amp because my future amp will drive a team of horses. So, I’m buying the speakers meant for my next amp regardless. So if I buy nice speakers will that be frustrating knowing they aren’t sounding as they should.

If I upgrade the amp my fear is that there isn’t much left in the tank for the KEFs. How much better can they sound if I give them a better amp with more power, soundstage and separation? The Marantz is actually quite accurate, and power aside, will the kefs be able to resolve a better amp.

Any advice is welcome.

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This is, indeed, a Gordian's Knot conundrum and somewhat similar to what I just went through over the last 3 or 4 years! I'm not familiar with your amp or speakers. However, in my case, I chose to upgrade from a decent 80 watts Yamaha receiver, first, because my speakers (original Paradigm Monitor 9) were relatively efficient or sensitive and could hold the fort for a while as I contemplated and researched the speaker upgrade. After a short detour to a turntable upgrade, I eventually upgraded the Paradigm to something more befitting the new amp. What do you have in mind for the amplification and speakers upgrade?

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The only thing to fear is

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

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