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Newbie's Quad Troubles

Hello dear all,
I am new to this game, and have recently got me a Quad pre-amp and amp
(303, 33) with two very nice Celestion speakers. The speakers work excellently with a modern marantz HiFi. Yet when connected to the Quad, often there is noise (not always) , especially when deep sounds are played, which sometimes disappears with tweaking the volumes on the input device and the amp. Does anyone have any tips for how to play music on the Quad without any noise, and without having to limit oneself to listening to very quiet music?
Any advice would be welcome! I am a newbie and need a tip or two!!
Thank you all!

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Re: Newbie's Quad Troubles

Being a 303 owner -- I have some ideas you might look at...

The 33 control unit has some modular components connected through edge connectors. The compression connectors that connect to the pads on the PCB's have a habit of loosing their adhesion... this in turn causes troublesome problems that can introduce noise.

A rogue Polyester capacitor that has gone leaky is another.

The 303 and the 33 are connected by wiring invented when Stonehenge was being errected.

The 4 Pin DIN connectors are the worst kind of scum - and had I been the engineer in charge, I would have thrown a 303 through Peter Walker's office window just to wake him up to the fact.

The moulded DIN cables are also prone to becoming more resistive that connective being made out of bell wire, made by steel respun from recycled oil barrels discarded by OPEC companies.

When I converted my two 303's into 100W mono blocs, I converted them to high quality phono connectors.

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