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Newbie's budget foray into lo fi

Recently purchased a vintage Pioneer SX-1050 integrated amp (super clean!) from an estate sale for $280, mated it with a pair of jbl L880 speakers from Tweeter (they are closing out their California stores) for $700, and then added a Rega Planar 1 turntable from eBay for $350.

Finished bastardizing with Monster cable from Radio Hack for $30.

Grand total $1360.

I am not including the free Denon DCM 440 (thanks wifey) CD carousel changer that I want to add to my backyard system so I can upgrade.

Many questions to follow as I listen to my new unit with open ears and open mind...I should add that my tastes range from trip-hop to bluegrass to opera to jazz to rock....etc...etc...

comments...questions (hopefully DUP responds to validate me on this forum..)



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Re: Newbie's budget foray into lo fi

Well, I can't speak for the Pioneer or the JBLs, but I wouldn't classify the P1 as "lo fi". I've listened to it extensively and liked it quite a bit. Actually, I like your approach with the system. Nice work foraging!

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Re: Newbie's budget foray into lo fi

I thought the Pioneer SX-1050 is a receiver. If you want to add a little tube sound for a little cash ($118) try putting an AudioDigit Tubalizer in the tape loop.

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