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Newb wondering about a headphone amp

So about this time last year I came onto these forums, under a different name (I can't remember what it was), and was asking around about a cheap entry level audiophile set up. After looking around and never committing I called off my search. Now I'm back again and trying to stay even cheaper than before. I'm away for school and currently unemployed, so most of my money goes straight to the universities pocket. Ok so no more of that nonsense, I've been reading around and wondering if I could just get a decent headphone set up. I've had a pair of Grado SR 60's for about a year, but haven't had anything to power them properly. Now would I get alright quality with just having my basic cd player, Grado's, and a new headphone amp? Now I'm new so please take pity. The more I look at all this audiophile jazz the more I can't wait to have enough money to truly explore the depths of this hobby...hell I should call it a culture. So is this even a smart thing to do, just buying a headphone amp and trying to get a decent taste of superior audio? I would really only like to spend 300-400 dollars, from what I've researched the past couple of days that amount seems like it'd get me a pretty decent amp.

Thank you

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Re: Newb wondering about a headphone amp

I think you should invest in better headphones, and consider the headphone amplifier later, if ever. Take your SR-60's (and maybe your CD player too) with you and go shopping. You might find the headphone amp in the player sounds just fine. And the best headphone amp in the world won't make the SR-60's sound like AKG-701's or Sennheiser HD-600's, both of which are in your price range.

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