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Newb question about late 60's Fisher receiver

Hello, I have a vintage Fisher P-294 unit ... it has a "125" chassis receiver with a BSR turntable on the top, and it was purchased in 1968. It comes as a complete console with speakers, but I'd like to use it with a pair of Monitor Audio S6's I just purchased (I don't have enough money right now to buy a decent receiver), and I have a few questions about this.

1. It's labeled as a "75 watt" receiver. Does this likely mean it's 75w*2, or 75 watts altogether?

2. I'm unfamiliar with the way the speaker terminals are labeled. Both Left and Right speaker terminals have 4 connection points, below is a crude representation of how each terminal is laid out:


The MAIN and left COM connections are used for the included cabinet speakers, and the COM and REMOTE connections are left open to be used with auxiliary speakers. How do I read this? I'm only familiar with standard Positive/Negative, Red/Black terminology, and a considerable amount of Googling has provided little information about this outdated and archaic labeling system on my receiver.

I have the owner's manual, but it's of little help. The only useful tidbit of information I found was in the section on connecting remote speakers-


"For correct stereo perspective and good bass response, make sure that the speakers are connected 'in phase' (each speaker's COM, GND, C, G, or black terminal connected to the console's corresponding COM terminal)"

This makes it appear to me that COM= Black and MAIN or REMOTE= Red. What makes me unsure of this is the way the original speakers are connected- On both sides a brown wire is connected to COM, and a brown wire with a black stripe is connected to MAIN.

I simply want to insure my nice speakers aren't at risk if I hook them up, any advice would be appreciated.


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