New York Audio Labs "SuperIt" phono preamplifier Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Editor, I have a dream. I want the average man to be able to own a reliable/affordable sound system that possesses the quality of the best tube gear. The SuperIt, which exploits our new Moscode hybrid tube/FET hypercascode circuit, is just the beginning. Can you imagine tube gear without tube tremors? There will be a $169 It available in December.—Harvey Rosenberg, Elmsford, NY (footnote 1)

Footnote 1: Harvey Rosenberg passed away in 2001.

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my SuperIt :)

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... did you use your Super IT?

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DH-200 and DH-101 (the one with the fakakta plastic buttons)

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... similarly afflicted.

It was soon replaced by an NAD 1020 preamp, which had better buttons, a subsonic/infrasonic filter (giving it an advantage for LP playback) and even cost less than the Hafler preamp in kit form. It was a great match with the Hafler DH-200 power amp.
But, it wouldn't have had that "euphonic and romantic" tube sound quality.

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Superstring theory :-) ............

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I love the post-industrial look of the device. I've just become the proud owner of a Gilmore Lite Mk 2 and it is very similar. Any colour as long as it's black...wasn't that Henry Ford's famous quote?