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New System

I am running an Onkyo TXSR503. I had given though to upgrading to the 803. But that would be later on down the road. My problem now is I have the Infinity Primus 250 Floor, The Primus Center, The PS8 Sub (more than my mom likes lol and its tiny but sufficient), The Primus 150's. But I want a smaller sytem with similar sound. I don't listen to music at home just in my vehicle. These would be used for movies only. I am 19 so please keep suggestions with in reason. I had given thought to the Infinity 1100 surround sound system or the Polk Rm6900 but didnt know if for a little more I could get much better or what? I'm lost help!

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Re: New System


The Infinity system your considering offers alot of bang for the buck. Honestly, for the price and performance of a "mini" system I think it will be hard to beat. I am unfamiliar with the Polk system.

I doubt the Infinity system can or will outperform what you presently have, but for whatever reason you seem to want to downsize. Only other reasonable bang for the buck system that comes to mind is this one HERE but at about double the cost of the Infinity. This baby will rock your world, and the sub will have your mom throwing you out of the house!


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