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New System

I am looking at a surround sound system for the first time.

I have just received a quote from a local dealer for the following system. I am interested in if this is a good system for first time.

Marantz SR 4001 receiver
Paradigm Atom Speakers
Paradigm Cinema center channel
Paradigm PDR-8 subwoofer
Paradigm PV60R ceiling surround
Total @$1,500

I am also considering Onkyo TXSR605 receiver and BW 300 series speakers.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: New System

You could spend more money and do a lot worse. That's a very competent system that doesn't break the bank. Whether the Onkyo betters the Marantz would be something I would discuss with the dealer and probably take his advice if he has heard them both.

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Re: New System

Great system for a small to perhaps medium sized room. Actually I'm suprised you can put together such a nice little system with dealer support for that kind of cash.

I'm partial to the Marantz/Paradigm setup but trust your ears and go with what moves you!


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Re: New System

Party at Jestes' house!

Sir, for that money, you have a solid home run system.

Please enjoy and let us know what you think as you evolve with it!

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Re: New System

Wow! I suspect you'll be enjoying that setup for a long time. I'm not especially familiar with the Marantz, but, if it's like the PM7001 integrated (and I assume it is), then you're doing just fine. At any rate, if you throw some reasonably competent amplification behind Paradigms, I'm happy. For $1500, you can't beat this with a stick.

I greatly prefer Paradigm to B&W. I would never discourage you from auditioning them, but, if you like one, you may not like the other. I find the B&W's to be a little too forward for my taste. Whereas I could listen to Paradigm all day (and do ), I tire of B&W. That's just my take.

Thumbs up on the Marantz/Paradigm package!

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