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John Atkinson
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New Rule: Please Keep Blind Test Discussions to Their Own Threads

Devilears wrote:
>One of the reasons I stopped bothering with RAO was the
>place was flooded with acrimonious posts on this topic...
>Relegating this topic to its own forum would permit those
>that so desire, to continue the endless debate, while the
>rest of us that really couldn't give a continental damn,
>would not have to wade through a gazillion posts.

I have discussed this issue with the moderator and the following rule takes place with immediate effect: any posting that demands proof for their opinions on sound quality, whether that proof be in the form of questions about blind testing or ABX testing, etc, is inappropriate and will be deleted. If anyone wishes to discuss blind tests or what Arny Krueger has recently referred to as "bias-controlled testing," then they are welcome to do so in specific threads about that subject.

This rule was adopted with success by Usenet forum, and while I regret that some will see this as a restriction on free speech, I do not want _this_ forum to allow posters to be bullied by other posters in this manner.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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