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New receiver/amplifier for Altec Lansing Voice of Theater A7 speakers

I need a new receiver/amp with bluetooth to upgrade my sound system which consists of a pair of Altec Lansing A7 “Voice of the Theater” speakers, consisting of a 511B sectoral horn, 16” woofer, N-1209-8A Dividing Network-8 ohms. The receiver i was using was a Kenwood KA-701 High Speed Integrated Amplifier with 80 wpc. Trying to run music thru stereo plugs and adapters from my phone to and thru the amp resulted in speaker dropout disconnect, excessive distortion at higher volume. Bluetooth should simplify and clear up distortion???

I also want to be able to run my turntable for records thru the system

So i am looking for advice on an amp/ receiver in the $200-400 price range that will power these speakers like my 80WPC amp had done. I have heard they are very efficient speakers which i understand to mean they dont need a lot of power. So is it better sound quality with lower watts? (Less than 80) or can i get more out of these speakers by going up to 100WPC?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Like my music but not an audiophile)
PS: bought my amp back in 1978 from Crazy Eddie’s out of NJ when he was at his height of infamy

Kal Rubinson
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I do not know where you are

I do not know where you are nor what shopping is available to you but I recommend finding a good used integrated amp (like that Kenwood) of similar power (80-100WPC) and add a decent streaming appliance (like the WiiM in the latest Stereophile) to ease the interfacing and convenience. Heck, if the only problem is interfacing with your phone, you might just try the WiiM with your Kenwood.

Mr. Widget
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Is your current Kenwood amp

Is your current Kenwood amp still working well with your other sources? If it isn't have it serviced. From my experience these older Kenwoods sound better than current "affordable" integrated amps.

Regarding the streaming side of the equation follow Kal's advice, or look at a secondhand Sonos or BlueSound (Connect, Port, Node 2) and use it as an analog source via an AUX input. With the Sonos or BlueSound players, you can use their internal analog preamp to adjust the volume remotely from your app once you power up the Kenwood and set it to an appropriate playback level.

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