New Loudspeakers from Czechoslovakia

The Acoustique Quality Passion loudspeakers ($20,000/pair) made their way to Las Vegas from the Czech Republic, courtesy of Vladimir Sapara. The flagship loudspeaker in the Acoustique line, it is based on 25 years of loudspeaker design, and features a cabinet by Novague Design.

The 6-ohm impedance, three-way Passion features Scanspeak Illuminator tweeter and midrange drivers, and a Scanspeak Revelator woofer, all with proprietary tweaks. Its MDF cabinet has 3cm-thick side panels, and there are no parallel walls internally. In addition, the cabinet's active internal damping system uses internal pockets to absorb energy. Acoustique, which abbreviates its name "AQ," uses AudioQuest (also abbreviated "AQ") Castle Rock internal wiring. With a frequency response of 20Hz–45kHz ±4dB, and a sensitivity of 89dB, the Acoustique Quality Passion is available in the US.

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The title is a bit behind on the developments in the history of the region since 1989...that country does not exist any more.

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... Serinus is actually Yortuk or Georg Festrunk?

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tell, are you talking about Czech or Slovak Republik ? Uh, those Americans, they had always problems with European history....