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NEW loudspeaker design

Dear StereoPhile

Jeff Wong
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Re: NEW loudspeaker design

Hi S

Jan Vigne
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Re: NEW loudspeaker design

You don't know what drivers to use, where to source them, how to build the cabinets or what material to use.

But, you're already planning on volume sales and becoming a corporation.

My hat's off to you, Momsen, you sure know how to make a New Year's Resolution.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: NEW loudspeaker design

As you know the real issue in items like the B and W Nautilis is the large tooling capital costs involved. The idea of reducing or eliminating internal cabinet resonances IS the a cost effective way. You do want people to be able to afford them. There are excellent box speakers that work around these issues quite well.

There are numerous quality drivers being made that you will have access to that are affordable. I would spend the most time on designing a great, phase accurate crossover.

It also appears that to make your product more affordable that China manufacturing is become more the norm these days. Do not ever lose sight of the fact that this is a potential business to make profit. If it is just a hobby then that is another issue altogether.

Never lose sight of the "fashion" issue. There are all to many great speakers that do not pass the "significan other" test. "Not in my living room you don't!"

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