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New Legacy Editions

I just received the new legacy editions of Brubecks Time Out and Mingus Ah-Um. The Brubeck set has a DVD and a live show and Mingus has lots of additional material as well. Both come with enhanced booklets and for me are worth the price of admission since they are classics

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Re: New Legacy Editions

Classics, for sure!

How does the sound strike you compared to past issues?

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Re: New Legacy Editions

I picked up 'Sketches of Spain' a few weeks back - I think I've now purchased it five or six times in various formats.

I don't know, but it sounds like the Miles/Gil Evans box set. (The second disc is taken from various outtakes already released on the box, plus one live performance from the expanded 'Live at Carnegie Hall.')

Regardless, I figure if I live another 25 years, and I play Spain a couple times a year between now and then, it won't be enough.


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