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The new kid on the block....C&C Home Audio

I just thought I would pass this along now since by the time the articles come out it will be March. Cabe Sipes (google him) is considered one of the top car customizers in the world and has been doing so for over 15 years. Well he has retired from the automobiles and has started his new home theater line of products. I spoke to him at SEMA and again on the phone a couple weeks ago and he said his website and products will launch the beginning of February. From what little I could gather nobody has done or is doing what he is releasing and his prices will "blow your mind because anybody can afford them and they dont look like your dads speakers" as he says. Anyway I told him I read all the forums and that I had never seen him on there and he replied he has never even looked at a home audio forum. I told him he should post and he said if I wanted to then go ahead so here it is. His buisness card has his email on it so if you have any questions i guess email him at I cleared it with him about posting the email address and he said he didnt mind since that is what is on his buisness cards and thousands of people have it anyway. So i figured the guys on here would be interested in what hes doing, I tried to understand but its over my head.

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