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New Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion CD

I picked this up a few weeks back and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Much more mellow then I expected it to be but it is the first Jeff beck CD I ever purchased.

The Sound quality is awesome and the performances are equally impressive. Lots of dynamic swings that start out mellow and low key then transition into eyebrow raising volumes of impressive sound. The female vocalists on the album sound very up close and personal which makes it very easy to imagine them standing there in your listening room

Not sure if this is the norm for his albums or not but based on this purchase I may consider trying a few more of his offerings.

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Re: New Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion CD


The album is OK, a few good tracks but overall its not as good as hes done.

The last album " Live at Ronnie Scotts" is far superior and I would definetly suggest you check it out. Its also an awesome Blu ray if you have a decent surround system.


Brown Sound
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Re: New Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion CD

I agree with Welsh, there are some really good tracks and a few not so great ones on this new album. What can you say? Jeff is known for uneven albums. I was happy with Joss Stone's performance and glad she has made a return to her more soulful voice (that diva style just didn't fit). As far as other albums to recommend, I would pick 'Blow by Blow' and 'Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop'.

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Re: New Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion CD

Along with the releases mentioned so far you may want to give a listen to some of his late 60's, early 70's music.
I find it more consistent and rhythmic. Try these: Wired, Jeff Beck Group, Rough & Ready, Truth, Beck-Ola.

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Re: New Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion CD

Great album. Highly recommended

Great to see the heads up write up in Phile as well.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: New Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion CD

I bought this as well after buying a used lp copy of blow by blow to find out if I should invest in more JB.

The second track is very compressed, but overall the disc is pretty good.

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