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New to home audio, could use advice

Hello All^^

Let me preface this by saying thanks for taking the time, and I apologize if this type of thing has been asked before.

I'm looking to purchase an amplifer, sub and eventually rear speakers, and could use suggestions on what to purchase within my budget.

I currently have two polk audio tsi400 tower speakers, but no amp at the moment; I bought the speakers a few years ago without doing much research, I admit; they have basically gone unused to boot (have been using a cheap jbl soundboard/bt subwoofer).

My question is, could you recommend an entry level amp that is in the $500 range (or less) that would support having a wired connection to the current tower speakers I have, while also supporting wireless connectivity to a bt sub and rear speakers?

I could use recommendations on a wireless sub in the $300 range, as well. If you have suggestions for wireless rear speakers that I could add later, I would be open to that as well.

My second question is, are either of the above even viable options at those price points( is my budget too low to get something decent at that price)?

Please let me know your thoughts.


- Shaun

Appendix: we'll mostly be using this as home theater system and to listen to music (via Bluetooth or casting). I have an AT-LP60OR turntable, as well.

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Budget Recommendations

Seems like a receiver would help you with home thater in mind. Your budget IS a little low. Suggest a Denon 1600H receiver (if gaming and 8k not an issue.) The SVS SB 1000 has a wireless option that might suit you well. Best of luck.

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Thanks for the comment and

Thanks for the comment and advice. The more that I look into this, I think you are spot on about the budget being too low. I could always wait to buy a sub as well as the rears. Is there any other amp recommendations that are worth it in the $800 range?

The more I look into wireless rear speaker, as we, it seems like that also is rife with issues. Denon for example, has the Heos technology for their rear speakers. But it seems like neither Denon, nor the other brands support new features like Dolby atmos, etc.

If you have any thoughts on that, please let me know. And thanks again.

- shaun

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