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New to the forum need recommendations

I have finally come to the conclusion that my system is in serious need of upgrading. My turntable has died a long slow painful death. In my research, I have come across the Fluance 85 for about $500.

Any other recommendations? What say the experts here?

Old Audiophile
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Some Ideas

My brother-in-law has a Fluance and he loves it. Can't remember which model he got but he didn't care for the cartridge it came bundled with. So, he replaced it with an AT VM95ML, which he likes much better. If I remember correctly, Michael Fremer reviewed a Fluance in Analog Planet and he thought it was a fine performer. Can't remember the cartridge in that review. You might want to check out that review. In the price range you are looking at, I would also do some research on what Rega, Project, Music Hall and Denon have to offer. Good luck!

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