New from Esoteric

Esoteric's N-01 network player ($20,000), which debuted at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October, is now equipped to decode MQA. It was part of a system that produced very direct, fast sound and that, on LP, rendered Ray Charles' voice with exceptional clarity.

Arrayed on what looked like Grand Prix racks, the N-01 shared the spotlight with VPI's Prime Signature turntable ($6000) with Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge ($2000); Esoteric's E-02 balanced dual-mono phono preamplifier ($9000), C-02X linestage ($20,000), and S-02 power amplifier ($20,000); Canton Reference 3K speakers ($15,600/pair); and a mix of AudioQuest's Wind and Fire all-silver cabling.

Solarophile's picture

"It's also capable of producing very direct, fast sound, as I heard at CES"

Shouldn't all good systems do this? And does this imply some other network players make "slow" sound? Would appreciate explanation of what this means or why this deserves to be mentioned.