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New Emotiva CD Player looks great

Emotiva is getting ready to launch their new CD player in February. Check out these features:

1. 24 bit processor with 384 x oversampling. (Most 'high end' players are 24 bit with 192 x oversampling)

2. Frequency response is 5hz to...absolute daylight. from 20hz to 20khz, it's flat as a board.

3. 4 independent power supplies, to drive each section of the unit separately. (1. CD carriage/2. digital portion/3. analogue portion/4. display) This prevents the different sections from interacting and causing noise.

4. The CD drive mechanism and the digital portion of the audio is encased in a steel substructure that shields it 100% from the audio stages. No noise from the mechanism or digital portion can get into the audio.

5. The audio board itself is fully isolated from the power supply and digital poritons and offers a fully discrete output stage, capable of producing 7 volts of output (no wimpy 2 volt output here!).

6. Sexy slot-load system with halo lighting.

7. Halo lighting brightens during functions like fast forward, next, previous, etc., them dims to low setting within a few seconds.

8. Remote control.

9. The DAC is the Analog Devices 1955.

10. The amps are Burr Brown OPA2134.

Although not official the price is believed to be around $499. To see a picture of the unit go to

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